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private lessons from john z


howdy friends!

i currently have weekly time slots available for private one-on-one guitar(& bass) lessons taught from my place here in glendale. if you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more about the instrument(and the music you can create on it)...from stone cold beginners just starting out, all the way to advanced theories and concepts, or perhaps you're simply wanting to tune-up your playing, then perhaps i'm your man!

i've been teaching for well over 25 years and have instructed literally thousands of folks become more well-rounded musicians. during the course of our lessons we'll touch upon a plethora of topics, striving to grasp a stronger handle of what music(and the instrument) really means to you, and also how you'll continue moving forward sharing these amazing gifts with others.

the utmost importance and bottom line with my teaching approach is to guide you towards what YOU want to learn, not only musically/stylistically, but also theoretically, technically, opposed to what other player, video, website, book-lesson, etc preaches as being the "must-have be-all-end-all" of how to do things. *you are an individual, as are your musical tastes, so that's how i treat everyone that studies with me.

so now if you get the feeling that i may be of assistance in your future goals with your instrument, then
please email me at [email protected] (using "Your Name & LESSON INQUIRY" as the subject title) for specific info about scheduling, rates, and i'll also be glad to answer any other questions you may have about studying with me. please don't hesitate to get in touch, as i would truly love to point you towards becoming the best musician you can be!

thanx so much and cheers!


john Z